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Our NEW Cake Tasting/Sample boxes are being shipped out Monday MARCH 4TH! Each box contains 6 different cake jars (each jar is 6oz, equal to about 1.5 - 2 cupcakes). *At this time, cake tasting/sample boxes are not able to be customized*


INSTRUCTIONS: Once you receive your cake tasting box, place the whole box right in the fridge and keep it in there for at least an hour (this will help avoid a mess and stiffen up the buttercream/fillings). Take out the box about 15 minutes before enjoying. Keep any leftovers in the refridgerator for 2-4 days after receiving OR freeze for up to 1 month.



1. S'MORES (vanilla cake filled with fluff topped with chocolate buttercream and crushed graham cracker)

2. STRAWBERRY JAM FILLED (vanilla cake filled with vanilla icing and strawberry jam)

3. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE (chocolate chip cake filled with cookie dough buttercream, topped with chocolate buttercream and crushed cookies)

4. DOUBLE FUDGE MINT (chocolate cake filled with peppermint chocolate pudding, topped with chocolate buttercream and minty fudge bits)

5. PEANUT BUTTER BANANA (banana cake filled with peanut butter, topped with peanut butter icing)

6. FRENCH TOAST (maple cinnamon cake filled with a maple cinnamon syrup and topped with vanilla buttercream)


*IF ORDERING FOR A LARGE EVENT OR WEDDING, $30 of the tasting box fee is credited towards balance for any cake/dessert order totalling $700 or more (before delivery and set up fees). Purchasing a tasting box does NOT reserve your event date or ensure our availability. A signed contract and 50% non refundable deposit is required to book. Please contact us before ordering if you have a specific date in mind*

6 Cake Jar Pack - MARCH 4th Cake Tasting Box!

Sales Tax Included
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