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Decorated Cake with Donuts


* Flavor Options for Custom Orders! *


Vanilla (vanilla cake, vanilla frosting)

S'mores (vanilla cake filled with marshmallow fluff, chocolate frosting, graham cracker, Hershey and toasted marshmallow)

Chocolate Chip (vanilla cake with chocolate chips, chocolate frosting)

Blueberry (vanilla cake with blueberries, vanilla frosting)

Rainbow Vanilla (rainbow vanilla cake, vanilla frosting)

Fruity Pebble (vanilla cake with fruity pebbles, vanilla frosting)

Samoa (vanilla cake filled with caramel and chocolate, chocolate frosting, toasted coconut and Samoa cookie)

Boston Crème (vanilla cake filled with vanilla pudding, chocolate frosting)

Cherry Cheesecake (vanilla cake filled with cheesecake, vanilla frosting and cherry pie topping)

Cannoli (vanilla cake with chocolate chips filled, whipped cream frosting)

Caramel Cheesecake (vanilla cake filled with cheesecake pudding, vanilla frosting and caramel)



Chocolate (chocolate cake, chocolate frosting)

Peppermint Patty (chocolate cake filled with peppermint chocolate pudding, chocolate frosting)

Chocolate Caramel (chocolate cake filled with caramel, chocolate frosting)

Reese PB Cup (chocolate cake filled with peanut butter, PB frosting)

Oreo (chocolate cake filled with Oreo pudding, vanilla frosting)

Chocolate Eclair Crunch (chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge, chocolate frosting, homemade chocolate éclair crunch topping)

Chocolate Raspberry (chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam, raspberry frosting)

Chocolate Cheesecake (chocolate cake filled with cheesecake pudding, chocolate frosting)



Cinnamon Toast Crunch (cinnamon cake, vanilla frosting)

Dutch Apple (cinnamon cake with apples, vanilla frosting)

Waffles & Syrup (cinnamon maple cake, vanilla frosting)

Pumpkin (cinnamon cake with pumpkin pie filling mixed in, vanilla frosting)

Pumpkin Cheesecake (cinnamon cake with pumpkin pie filling mixed in filled with cheesecake pudding, vanilla frosting)




Carrot (carrot cake, vanilla frosting)

Strawberry Crunch (strawberry cake, vanilla frosting, homemade strawberry crunch)

PB Banana (PB Banana cake, PB frosting)

Red Velvet (red velvet cake, vanilla frosting)

Lemon (lemon cake, lemon frosting)

Blueberry Lemon (lemon cake with blueberries, lemon frosting)

Caramel Espresso (espresso filled with caramel, vanilla frosting)

Raspberry (raspberry cake, raspberry frosting)

Caramel Banana (caramel banana cake filled with caramel, vanilla frosting)

Maple Walnut (maple cake with walnuts, maple frosting)

Chunky Monkey (banana cake with chocolate chips and walnuts, chocolate frosting)

Fluffer Nutter (PB cake, PB frosting, filled with marshmallow fluff)

Orange Creme (orange cake, orange frosting, filled with orange jam)



Gingerbread (gingerbread cake, vanilla frosting)

Hot Cocoa (chocolate cake filled with marshmallow fluff, vanilla frosting)

Candy Cane (vanilla cake, peppermint vanilla frosting)

Pink Champagne (pink champagne cake, vanilla frosting, filled with strawberry compote)

Witches Brew (chocolate cake filled with green vanilla pudding, vanilla frosting)

Holiday Funfetti (vanilla cake with sprinkles based on holiday, vanilla frosting)

Pink Velvet (pink velvet cake, vanilla frosting)

Peep (vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, filed with marshmallow fluff)

Cadbury Egg (chocolate cake, caramel frosting, filled with caramel, topped with a cadbury egg)


Almost any of the above flavors can be made Gluten Free! 

(still working on getting Strawberry Crunch as GF perfected! we will get there soon!)

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